Ignoring the Ruts

Ignoring the Ruts

Two years ago, on the road to our house (the curvy tree lined section to Oxbow park), there was the beginnings of a pot hole just off the center line in the shade of the trees.  At 45 mph it would sneak up on you and WHAM, the steering would shutter and I would have to wonder “why can’t I remember where that hole is!”  After about a month, it was two feet across and 6 inches deep.  I was ready to buy a sack of premixed asphalt and do what my tax dollars had failed to accomplish, when two days later  (and I had to laugh), someone had stopped and spray painted in huge letters around the hole “FIX ME!”  It wasn’t but a few days after that and it was smooth as can be. Moral of the story;  we seemed to ignore those ruts in our lives, until we can’t ignore them anymore!

     So what is the matter with being in a rut? There is an old saying “a rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out!” We talked in the Sunday sermon about habits or Rhythms that we get into.  Some good, some bad, and some, . . well just our routine.  Some are because we are well disciplined, like making your bed each morning, showing up to work on time (or early), spending quality time each day with your spouse,  . .etc.  Some of our habits are detrimental to ourselves, and often without knowing it, to those around us. Addictions, over spending, sexual immorality, poor work ethic, terrible parenting, etc. The rest of the rhythms in our lives are really just a part of who we are and how the world sees us.  We might waste a lot of time, (which is sometimes okay, . .  thank you Netflix) or we might be driven to seize new opportunities to love and serve others, or to grow in our spiritual maturity.

     The next 7 weeks we will be focusing on developing spiritual rhythms in our lives.  Join us Sundays online, read through the daily studies, and check out the blogs and videos that can help us take the next step to Christian maturity. Here is some homework for all of us:  be thinking of some ruts we need to get out of, and some productive and significant rhythms we can begin! Enjoy the holiday weekend, and a huge thank you to those who served or are actively serving in our military.  Let’s remember those individuals and families that suffered loss on our behalf! Have a great weekend.

Pastor Mike