Our God is Greater!

Two weeks ago we sent 9 students down to Jr. Camp at Wi-ne-ma where they joined over 100 campers and 90 volunteer staff from all over the state for a week of making friends, singing praises, memorizing bible verses, raising money for a mission’s project in Africa, and so much FUN!

The week’s theme was, “Our God is Greater!” Each day brought a new focus to that overall theme. Students learned that God is greater than:

  • Creation
  • Sin
  • Our Problems
  • Death
  • Life

About half of the campers were there at Wi-ne-ma for the very first time, which made the week all the more fun. Our students had an absolute blast, and if you bump into any of them I encourage you to ask them about camp, and what they learned and experienced!

Camp is a place I care about deeply. I spent a lot of my time there as a child, and I continue to spend as much time there as an adult. Camp shaped me in ways that I may not have experienced elsewhere. It was at camp that I heard God’s call on my life to go into ministry. I felt Him tug me towards bible college – a place I wanted to go to so I could learn more about God, but never felt that it was “realistic” for my future. I can remember the week that it I realized it was realistic, and that I wanted to give my life and career over to God to further His Kingdom…I was at camp that week. I realized that I never wanted camp to end, and that it didn’t have to. Every week could be a week at camp. A week of friendship, a week of joy, a week of learning more about God, a week of taking another step closer to Him, a week of showing that love to children (children who may have
never experienced a love like God’s love in all their life), a week of hope.

Thank you for being a part of Harvest, of supporting our ministries and caring for our children. I hope that you would join me in praying over these most precious students, and that God will continue to use us, and places like camp Wi-ne-ma, as a tool to change lives – to show our kids that God IS Greater than everything, nothing will overcome Him, let His Kingdom come and let us continue to be a part of it!