The Refuge Experience

Students are often asked to just sit and listen and are seldom given a voice. At the Refuge, we want to give students an interactive experience where each person that wants to be heard has a chance to ask their questions and give their thoughts about our Central Point.

At the Refuge, we’ll have a high energy game time. Afterwards, jr. highers and high schoolers separate for discussion time. The jr. high and high school groups each focus on themes within our Central Point that are appropriate to their age group.

Where to Go

Doors open Wednesday nights at 6:45 pm. Come in through the open doors on the north side of the building (by the garden). Programming starts at 7 pm.

What Happens at the Refuge?

Wednesday nights begin with a game time that will occasionally be relevant to our Central Point. Other times, it will just be a fun game! We encourage everyone to get involved (but you can sit and watch if you prefer).

Afterward, 6th-8th graders will head to the Jr. High room and 9th-12th graders head to the High School room. Each group will have an interactive discussion of the week’s central point.

After the lesson, students are welcome to hang out in the gym until the doors close at 9 pm.