We take children’s ministry very seriously at Harvest. Our nursery is squeaky clean & very safe.  All of our nursery workers & teachers have passed national background checks & work in teams to provide the safety & security that this generation of new parents demand and expect.

Our ultimate goal is that your children experience a God who loves them, a fun church that cares for them, and teaching & friendships that help them develop and grow into young people who know that Jesus has a plan for their lives!

Nursery Class

Ages 0 years to 17 months (or not yet walking)

  • Lullaby Lane: where your little one can be soothed by calming instrumental hymns and lullabies while being rocked and cradled with care.
  • Tummy-time Square: pre-crawlers are encouraged to explore the world around them as they lift up from a colorful and comfortable Tummy-time mat.
  • Sensory Station: wobblers are engaged with safe, fun textures and toys to enhance a child’s learning suited for their age.
  • Diaper Change Crossing: each trained Baby Huggers has a keen nose and is quick to change a dirty diaper. Your little one will be placed back into your arms clean and comfortable.

Wobblers Class

18 Months (and walking) through 2.5 years old

  • Bible Story Street: your child will hear God’s Word through well illustrated age appropriate storybooks, special guest storytellers, and lovable puppet friends.
  • Praise Place: where your child can unashamedly give their energy and love to God through songs and movement along with their friends.
  • Coloring & Crafts Corner: through art your child will have the opportunity to retell the Bible story in their own words.
  • Good ol’ fashioned play-time: no explanation needed