A Summer Recap – Refuge Youth Ministry



There’s a reason students love summer so much.

This summer was jam packed full of incredible moments and the building of relationships. We laughed, we played, we felt the Holy Spirit move. Whether it was just one of our weekly events, or one of our annual camps, God moved this summer in incredible ways.

14274471_10153910498426705_2126579845_oThe highlight of the summer, of course, were the camps. The high schoolers went to CIY’s Move conference. There, students were challenged, through the book of Ephesians, to be kingdom workers, to be people who are living to help usher in God’s kingdom on Earth. Students were reminded that Kingdom Workers are loved, rescued, united, changed, and sent. This impacted the students in profound ways, challenging them to come home and grow the kingdom in some way and further educate them on various of subjects. It educated them more about Algebra, History, or even in the difference between then vs than in English, And we all had fun while learning in the camps. And through all this, we baptized three students into Christ, had another rededicate his life to Christ.

But the high schoolers didn’t have all of the fun. The middle schoolers went to Wi Ne Ma Christian Camp, where14303835_10153910497801705_137719136_o we learn how to be Olympians of the faith. Each day, the students learned how to “run the race”, as Paul wrote, and how we can be training ourselves to run that race most successfully. The students grew in their faith, and had a lot of fun doing it! Not to mention: we had three more baptisms!

But, as fun and moving as this summer was, it’s time to get back into the school year. But that doesn’t mean that we’re done growing and having a great time. This year sees Aftershock, our Sunday night small groups, 14285322_10153910498596705_2078805786_oreturning, but differently than the students will remember. Instead of meeting
weekly and having a lesson, we’re changing Aftershock to a once a month, fellowship and prayer format. Each month will have one meeting for guys and another for girls, and we’ll spend those Sunday nights hanging, eating food, and most importantly, praying for each other and helping keep one another accountable.

14247617_10153910497766705_326902507_oMonday Funday also returns this year, and we’ll be spending each Monday, from after school until 5pm, hanging out at the church doing something new each week. So make sure you’re keeping up with our calendar so you can see all that we’re doing!
We’ve had an amazing summer, and God did amazing things. But we know His work is never done, and we’re excited to keep doing it through this school year!

Youth Pastor,

Steve Valdez

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