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Order of Worship

September 17, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “This is Amazing Grace”

  • Song “I Speak Jesus”

  • Song “Overflow”


Greeting and Announcements

Sermon – Cory Mandina, Discipleship Director

“Let’s Be Like The Philippians” – An Introduction

  1. Philippians is 1 of 4 “Prison Epistles,” written around 62 A.D.
  2. Saul converts to Christianity (Acts 9)
  • Paul plants the church in Philippi (Acts 16)
  1. Who Paul is now (Philippians 3:3-8, 10)
  2. A people worth imitating (Philippians 1:3-8)
  3. A defining difference: Joy v. Happiness
    1. Choose Joy (Psalm 94:17-19)
  • What made the Philippians so special
    1. Generosity (Philippians 4:14-18)
    2. Partnership (Philippians 2:25-29)
    3. Prayerfulness (Philippians 1:18-21, 25-26)
    4. Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:6-11)



  • Song “Living Hope”

Next Steps

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