Q. Where does grace become a bad thing?

-When you give a homeless man 5 dollars and he uses it for his addiction?

-When you fill up a gas tank for someone who claims they can’t find a job but really haven’t looked for years?

-When your child is grounded for their very bad behavior but gets released from the sentence early because they had plans on going to the beach with a friend?

-A wife is caught cheating on the husband . .again, and he forgives her one more “last time”?

-When a co-worker gossips about you in a very hurtful way behind your back. They now know that you saw the email too, but haven’t apologized. You continue to treat them with a respect and kindness that they don’t deserve?

-A wife hides the cuts and bruises of her husband’s violence to her but she continues to make excuses for his behavior and stands by him. No police are called or charges pressed?

-A neighbor comes in and shoots a husband and wife in cold blood with a deer rifle while the teenage son and junior high daughter are in the next room . . . only to enter and watch their parents bleed and die before them. A few years later the son visits the man in prison and forgives him?

We can all have an opinion on what is excess grace. Every story I told is from someone I know. Grace . . too much grace? . .boundaries, . .no boundaries, .. a hatchet of bitterness never buried but drawn like a familiar friend every time the unforgiven offender is near.

Each story will have its own correct answer. One thing I do know is that the Lord’s mercy on me is more than undeserved, . . . but treasured!

May the Lord’s grace cause us to ever grow in our dispersal of the same!

Pastor Mike