Day 2 The Adventure Begins

A truck is delivering 300 auditorium chairs this morning.  I ordered them bright orange so they would really stand out!  We have another 250 auditorium chairs coming in next month.  Then there is another 280 chairs for the fellowship hall, then  another 200 folding white wood chairs for the outdoor wedding garden seating.  Just when you near the completion of the building do you really see how much stuff it takes to fill it up before the people arrive!  Oh, I didn’t even mention the 200 various size children’s chairs we are ordering. Wow, that’s a lot of chairs!

I was in Sitka Alaska with my family as part of an inside passage of a Kensington Tours, cruise boat tour last year.  There was a 200 year old Russian Orthodox church in the middle of town.  Beautiful  period architecture with lots of art and early Russian religious adornment.  Funny thing about the main (and only) room, (in those days there was no children’s or youth wing)  it had no chairs or benches. NONE. The Priest who was answering the tourist questions said that for the two or three hour service, everyone remains standing.  I guess they believed that comfort and spirituality were not compatible!   The more you sacrifice . . the more God approves of you.

I was thinking that we could save a bunch of money on chairs if we went that route!  I am, although, perfectly happy sitting in a chair in worship knowing that Jesus is the one who made the sacrifice  . . . and God already thinks rather highly of me because of that!  We do serve a good God,  amen? . . .Amen.

Have a victorious day and invite someone to church.     (just kidding about the orange chairs.  They are Java brown)

Pastor Mike