Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. It’s one of those unique days loaded with expectations. For the husband, “Is a bunch flowers good enough? Do they have to be fancy or can I get some off ramp roses?”

“Will the kids make breakfast in bed for momma?” They will of course burn the toast, spill the eggs and of course, momma will have to clean up the kitchen when they are done with their display of affection. There will be the pretend smile, “Ohh, just what I wanted,” when she sees the salad tongs or the coupon book for ‘Hugs and room cleaning.’

My father once bought a rototiller for my mother for Mother’s Day. So I come from a long line of sensitive men! I bought two hanging baskets early and gave them to Jeanette last Saturday. Not bad. It showed that I wasn’t a last minute shopper, . . . I’m sure she enjoyed that. I lost whatever points I got when the words, “got it out of the way early” slipped from my lips. Oh well, I told her we wouldn’t go out because of the crowds tomorrow. I would just cook her an awesome steak dinner after church. Not one of those cheap steaks that had marks on it from where the jockey was hitting it, . . but a really nice cut! So Jeanette says: “Do you want me to go buy the steak? I said, “Yes, and pick up some of those little red potatoes and some fresh beans.” None of those canned beans for my sweetheart! If I clang the pans around and keep asking where such and such is she will probably tell me to get out of the kitchen and go watch TV. Woops, all the sudden Mother’s Day has turned into Father’s Day. Pretty pathetic isn’t it.

Men, sons, daughters, . . . no matter what, at any given point of the year, a Mom should know that she is loved, respected and appreciated. If you need a day to remind you then you are already behind the curve.

Tomorrow . . .Everyone in Church! See you there.

Pastor Mike