We are a little in the dark about Jesus and his family life. As the oldest, there was a weight of responsibility on him as the head of the house after the assumed passing of his father.

One window into the mother son relationship happened as Jesus was on the cross. The weight of the sinful world on his shoulders, the incredible pain of a Roman execution, the “unfinished” group of disciples that would be on their own, . . . In the midst of all this he looks at his mother who is close enough to hear, . . . and is suffering the “piercing of her own soul” as prophesied when Christ was but weeks old. She is standing with his friend and disciple John, “Dear woman, here is your son, and to John he says: “Here is your mother.” He didn’t find his brothers and pass the responsibility to them. The future of his precious mother Mary was to be in the hands of the one he could trust. He put a twist on the family structure as we know it. That twist has permeated the entire Old and New Testament as “we” are adopted into the family and made heirs to the eternal inheritance! Great news for everyone.

See you at Church and have a great Mother’s day.

Pastor Mike