Yesterday a tornado swept through a sleepy little town in Arkansas. It was a EF2 with 125 mph winds. A well built house might have endured the storm with moderate damage, but the small mobile home was no challenger to such force. The broken gas line caused an explosion which finished off what the wind had left. Within the destroyed trailer was a young man and his wife, Michael and Melissa Moneyhan, lying dead in the wreckage huddled together. When they were found, amazingly, in their arms . . . sheltered by their bodies, was their 18 month old child, with . . . no injuries. The toddler was placed immediately with relatives.

Too young to remember what happened? Too young to recall later in life any memories of mom and dad? Perhaps.

The story that will always be told to the child as it continues in life will be of that horrific day that perfect love and ultimate sacrifice made their dwelling together.

The application of this story is obvious and wonderful.

Pastor Mike