13 years ago our little congregation decided to step up to the edge. It was time to have a permanent foothold in the community. At the time we could afford very little as far as land was concerned but we acted in faith that our God (who incidentally owns the cattle on a thousand hills) had bigger plans for us then we had ever imagined!

Some folks left our congregation around the time of our first building campaign. The “edge” isn’t for everybody.

I sure appreciate those who stood up and said “we’re in!” A lot of sacrifice was made as we searched out and purchased the property. . . the very piece on which we are currently building, a decade later.

It’s about being a part of something significant. Making a difference in someone else’s life and eternity. About not taking your one talent and safely “hiding” or “burying” it. Many times Christ talked about the talent. Perhaps he relayed variations of the story hundreds of times as he traveled around. The story of a servant turning 5 into 10, or 2 into 4. Always calling the one who buried it wicked and lazy.

You see, burying your time, your giftedness, your money, your potential, is how that “where moth and rust destroy” thing happens. It really comes down to this: How you define success?

So . . . you think about that question tonight and I will write about it in the morning. (It’s tough to type right now because of the blood . . . and every time I type an “N” I get a “B”! I’ll explain tomorrow . . .)

Pastor Mike