However you define success will determine your purpose! Is it :

-A great career? -If you’re single, is it finding the perfect soul mate?

-Is it having your children excel in a sport?

-Having more time for leisure?

-Is it making sure your children get into the very best college so that they can have a high dollar career? -Is it adventure, travel, adrenaline, . .?

-Is it making enough money that you can do anything you want or go anywhere?

-Is it defined by the “Keeping up with the Jones'” standard, and ultimately . . . that you are the ones they are trying to keep up with.

-Is it the newest car, coolest toy, nicest house, the lastest expensive gadget that shows the world that you are on the cutting edge?

-Is success defined by you to mean that your retirement is all funded?

-Maybe you would be happy just to have people say “that was awesome” on Karaoke night after you killed ’em with that Joan Jet song!

-Maybe success is just living a healthy balanced life where you enjoy the esteem of those around you.

I have been caught up in at least two thirds of those things. As I get older, it is getting down to just 2 main things: Getting myself to Heaven and taking as many people with me as possible!

Because of that the most important things are the spiritual health of my loved ones, and the Bride of Christ His Church (Harvest and his Church in the world). There is nothing I do, hope to do, or have that is more important than that.

How you define success will be obvious by your time and resources and intentions. That list has some really good things on it. But I believe that any of those on there own will not amount to much on judgment day! Honestly, as important as some of those things are, is there any that are more important than making a difference in someone’s life and eternity?

So enjoy life to the fullest. And lets keep the main thing the main thing!

Pastor Mike

About the last line of yesterday’s article, I had poked my finger next to the thumb nail and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Band-aids were useless, but a piece of paper towel and masking tape brought it to a halt. So I had my right thumb wrapped in tape and kept typing the “B” every time I wanted to type an “N” My spell check was going crazy trying to figure out what I meant. Kind of like my guys working on the Church building! Have a great evening.