Day 26 The Adventure Begins

It might be too late to get tickets, but the UFO Festival in McMinnville is already half over. The speakers include a scientist from the 50’s who had firsthand knowledge of Government cover-up at Roswell, Alien abduction specialists, and researchers using the “freedom of information act” to uncover conspiracy. Along with that list is arguably the world’s most genuine case of alien abduction. In 1975 Travis Walton was on a logging crew in Arizona and was taken up for 5 days. After a failed manhunt he returned dazed and disoriented. (His wife partially believed him till she found that tattoo of the Mexican senorita on his chest) He’s is not sure how the aliens did that! There are many interesting speakers beyond those that I have referenced.

Any way the alien costume ball is tomorrow. Along with the UFO parade down main street, there is the ever popular alien pet costume competition.

So get your tin foil hat out of the closet and Let’s Go! Sounds like a weird mix of “serious” and “mockers” to me.

Maybe it’s like professional wrestling. Everyone takes it serious at the event but deep down they know it’s all really just good acting. (sorry Steve Valdez for wrecking that for you!) and you were just coming to grips with that whole Santa thing too! Sorry.

When I listen to myself preach about Jesus, . .dying for the sins of mankind, and all the miracles of the Bible, I can see why people could say: “yeah right!” Heaven, hell, moral absolutes received from God, praying, closing your eyes and raising your hands, going to church, lists of do’s and don’ts, right and wrongs, . . .sounds like a big crutch for weak! At least I can see where they are coming from when they say that.

We have to take it in faith. Remember the Roman soldier at the cross? After witnessing the things of that day he said, “Surely this man was the Son of God.” His mind, probably filled with the multiple god philosophies of the Greeks and Romans, his conscience seared from the violence he had seen and probably inflicted, saw something that day that changed his mind.

God . . . loving His creation so much that He sent His son to die so that we could live.

That sounds a little like one of your favorite verses. John 3:16

I am privileged to pastor such a Church as you!

Pastor Mike