Day 27 The Adventure Begins

Two days ago Massachusetts police were executing a search warrant on a suspected drug dealers house. In the midst of their collecting evidence, officers noticed a large bible on the nightstand. Out of place? Maybe not. Over the years there has been a weird juxtaposition between “honoring God /being aware of his presence” and “being steeped in sin anyway.” Of course that premise is really the sum of our own existence also. It just seems odd that the Holy Bible was right there next to the bed. Maybe for comfort, . .maybe because grandma had given it to him and instructed him to keep it close, she always was kind and said it was the most important thing to keep, even when she was at the homecare she had two right next to her, you can learn about caregiving to the elderly here. It wasn’t just a normal study bible either, but a big ol’ king size King James family bible! The kind that are on the coffee table that you occasionally blow the dust off, having the birth, death and wedding records entered from the past 100 years.

We know that the Bible contains truth, power, and authority. This one had even more! Not just old church bulletins from 20 years ago, (some of your bibles are little time capsules and you know who you are! old book marks news articles, an old one dollar bill with a sunglasses drawn on George . .). Sorry , back to the story, . . but inside, the scriptures had been hollowed out so there was a secret hidden compartment. Who would have ever looked in the bible for that kind of hidden treasure?

So I’m not going to tell you what they found in it, but it will most certainly add a few months to the man’s sentence!

When I open the word of God, I sometimes will feel like reading a scripture that will bring me comfort. Sometimes I feel like being convicted . . . .(I know, you don’t care what I am talking about right now, . . you just want to know what was in the secret compartment!) Ok I’ll tell you. ( I was just messing with you anyway) It was a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol! Now that’s Power in the Word!

So there is no real point to this story. I just thought it interesting. I so wonder if he felt weird taking a razor knife to the word of God? Probably never crossed his mind. So what is disrespect? . . burning a flag, spitting on a soldier, how about this, taking a drink of your beer at a baseball game during the nation anthem, with your left hand while your right hand in on your heart? . .(ESPN would love to capture that one). There was an old TV commercial in the 70’s where an old Indian (we could say that back then) was standing on the side of the road and a car drove by and threw some litter out the window. The old Indian had a little tear in his eye because people weren’t respecting the land. Music played, we had a tear in our eye too. It was good commercial.

I suppose that we dishonor our father in heaven in different ways during our life. A scripture from the “Connected” bible study this last week from Ephesians 4:30 says , And don’t grieve God’s Holy Spirit. That is a verse worth thinking about! Is there a way in us that grieves our Father in Heaven? hmmm.

That’s the thought for today. Enjoy your Saturday.

Pastor Mike