Day 28 The Adventure Begins

Just finished a missions meeting here at Church. We have some wonderful missionaries doing some incredible things. Cuba, Chile, Sudan, Pakistan, Central America, and Mexico. We are looking at the possibility adding the Po Kot people group in Kenya. Maybe in a year or two you might be able to join us on a two week trip there. At the beginning of Harvest, 20 years ago we pledged 21% of our future tithes to Missions. Our Little Church gives around $5000 dollars a month to cross-cultural missions. We just sent $3,000 today to Sudan African Mission for the main evangelist to get surgery for his hand. We support it with our funds, but I’m afraid the congregation still is not in touch with our commission from Jesus to “seek and save the lost” in all the world. We would love to have some new young folks on our Missions board! Interested? Talk to Rob Spitzengel our chairman.

In 1969, I was sitting in Church listening to our Preacher Mr. Burris (As kids we never called an adult by their first name). He was taking his Airplane and his family to Rhodesia Africa to become missionaries. They needed rifles, and other cool gear (actually all I can remember was the rifles) donated so they would have what they needed there. I was the only 9 year old I knew that would have stowed away in their suitcases if I could. They were there for a number of years before the rebels overthrew the country. It’s now on the map as Zimbabwe. On their way out they were even shot at and had bullet holes in the plane! Since then, I have always had a heart for the tribal people of Africa.

Have you a heart for anything? Anything significant? I’m sure you do. Now the big question: What will you do about it?

Have a great afternoon and hug the people you love.

Pastor Mike