Day 29 The Adventure Begins

I was feeling behind 5 minutes ago. I was thinking of all the things that need to be completed at the property this week. I thought by Tuesday we would have more to show for it. I just looked at my calendar to make sure it was “day 29” And there it was . . .It was only Monday! How did I get off a full day? This is wonderful! It’s like finding a $20 dollar bill in a pocket of something you haven’t worn in a year.

Here is a picture of Rob and Tony building the balustrade system today on the Patio leading down to the wedding gardens. Just like most of their unique projects, . . . They have never done something like this before, . . and by the time they’re finished, they will be really good at it, . . And will probably never do it again. Then they move on to something else they have never done before. We are hoping to have a number of new things completed for the June 7th banquet. The tile guys are working in the bathrooms, the drywall guys are done and cleaning up their mess, (they really do make a mess!) . .the electricians are finishing the down stairs apartment lighting. The kitchen equipment is ready to be installed. All 80 or so doors got delivered today. Luckily they all have numbers on them for where they go. That would be a bad joke if someone took off the stickers. Chyanne and Rachel (Our paid children’s ministry leaders) were sitting up in the junior church room making plans and figuring out strategy. Elisha Ward was putting bricks on the wall of the wedding room. It’s her day off so this is where she is.

Will anyone come when we are finished? Will we grow and meet the spiritual needs of our community? I used to think about that a lot. Not so much anymore. We will faithfully plant and water, and “God will cause the growth!” Thank you for your faithfulness and patience. Now go invite someone to church!

Pastor Mike