I saw that a family in Michigan just had their thirteenth child. Not a big deal you might say, but they are all boys. Now what are the odds of that happening? They say one in 8,000, but I believe that would only be true if every family tried to have 13 kids. I would guess that it’s more like one in millions. That is enough for a football team and extras to sub for injuries! I wonder if mom has some little girl clothes up on a top shelf in their closet. They have chosen each time not to know the sex of the baby.

If all of those boys worked together to do whatever the father asked, do you know how much could get accomplished. Imagine, 13 lawn mowers going at once . . . the lawn is done in three minutes. Go paint the barn, . . five minutes. Could it always be that simple? The problem is that there would be different levels of maturity, giftedness, and discipline. Three boys goofing off , two boys disagreeing on how many coats of paint, two boys painting the dog, one boy upset because there are no more paint rollers left, and three boys doing most of the work (Is that 13? That’s not the point). Maybe it would take more than five minutes. But, . . if they are a family and know what the father wants, they will have to work as a team. And, because they are a family, there are few things they will not accomplish if they do it together.

Pastor Mike