Day 34 The Adventure Begins

Finished another awesome day down at the property. Thanks for the help Mirco, Marsha, Sue and Jeanette. Everyone was cementing bricks on the walls in the wedding room and the cafe. I myself had 22 bricks suspended in the air by 22 long sticks off the ground. (That’s about 60 pounds of bricks.) Not a circus trick, . .they were cemented to the soffit in the ceiling and the sticks were holding them in place for the day so they could dry. It was really quite amazing until stick number 23 broke in my hand and knocked over stick number 22. Brick number 22 showed great stamina for about 4 seconds then gave way and crashed to the ground. As it hit the ground it knocked over stick numbers 21-14 and dangling bricks slowly went crashing down. Soon after, . . brick 13 gave into peer pressure and fell . . . then all heck broke loose. My original bricks 1-3 that I attached much earlier had plenty of time to dry. When the melee was over I stood looking at them, thankful for their refusal to leave the ceiling. In a mocking sort of way, one by one they succumbed and fell to the ground. I caught 2 of them but ran out of hands.

I took a picture of the ceiling 2 hours later when I put them all up again. I was going to a make a life lesson from that and put some nice scripture with it, but . . . Jacquelyn just screamed at her desk behind me! She is working on the bulletin and the tickets for the Banquet in two weeks. Anyway the scream . . . . She was typing and a big ol’ mouse stuck his head out from under her computer monitor inches from her hands. (Seriously, just now!) Neither one of us are a peace with rodents that close. We were just standing in the opposite corner of the office, looking in disbelief. Should we go home? Is this a workplace emergency? I told her (because I am the mature one . . . meaning I didn’t scream as loud) We should name him and make him our friend so we can get back to work. That, and duct tape our pant legs just in case. Her pant legs are those skinny jean type so she is alright. I’m wearing my black work jeans with rat size room at each boot. I will put the duct tape on.



Wait, He is sitting now under her desk in plain sight chewing on some wires. I just tried to take a picture of him so you would be aware of the seriousness of our adventure! . . . oh man, . . He just now ran over to my desk . . now this is a big deal! I think I’m going home… bye.

See you at church tomorrow.

Pastor Mike