Here is the $100 question: So what is the Main thing? Often there are numerous main things!

The “main things” will be that which comes to the surface in the midst of tragedy or an emergency.

In a few instances in the past, an airliner was in the midst of an emergency that the people knew would be their end. Recently I think of the German pilot who took the lives of everyone on board when he locked the captain out of the cockpit and purposely crashed into the alps. The passengers were well aware of their pending demise. If that happened to you and you had 5 minutes to think through things, . . .how many of the things we worry about or spend too much of our time on, would make the short list. Things like:

-Did I spend enough time at the office?

-How will my child get into the best college (or any job even) if he keeps goofing off?

-Am I ever going to lose those 15 pounds?

-My husband just will not put his dishes away.

-If we only could afford a better ______?

-I’m looking so old!

-I need to eat more kale.

-Who’s going to win “The Bachelor”?

-I can’t believe the boss likes him better than me, he’s such a . . .

-They’re gossiping about me and it makes me so mad!

-Are we saving enough?

-13th Seahawk, magic, vacation, latest I-something, Dutch Bros rules!, movies, movies, movies, spoiled athletes, Republican/Democrat, Perfect lawn, If only I had another cat, What can I do so people won’t think I’m a racist?, hair club for men, Botox, do these jeans make my . . .?, I just want to read! My car leaks oil, my neighbors are sooo loud, . .there is a mouse in my office! How can I get people to think I’m smart/wise/funny/rich/successful/dark and mysterious/In better shape than I really am, . . .

There is no end to the things that consume us on a day to day basis. But back on the Jet . . during that five minutes, . .you will panic, . .access your relationship with God, think about your loved ones . .and not their shortcomings. You might wonder if you did enough to bless other people, . . make some promises to God that ” if he would save you.” Of all the things that might cross your mind, not one of the things on the previous list would make it. If you are strong in the Lord you would pray. You would probably praise him, ask for his blessing on those you love, quietly whisper the Lord’s prayer, cry a little, maybe even talk to the person next to you about the hope you have in Jesus. I know it is a terrible scenario to contemplate. But not a bad way to spiritually test yourself on occasions. Let’s keep the Main thing the main thing. I love you church! Let’s do something awesome together.

Pastor Mike