“I see a room”

As I walk through the new building today, I see opportunity. Everywhere, . . opportunity. Rooms for small group studies, a room for weekly addiction recovery.

I see a front room (with a huge fireplace and log stairs where a man who hasn’t been to church much will walk in and say to himself “this feels right”). In a growing climate of disdain for “Christianity”, where those with faith are labeled “weak”, . . the man needs to see other men, stepping up to the table of leadership, faithfulness. A “new” style manhood of a bygone era where some chivalrous behavior and providing for those entrusted to you is something to take pride in. To become the husband, father, and leader that makes sure that his boys are raised with good Christian character and work ethic, . . and his girls have been told that they are “beautiful” so many times that they won’t go out looking to give their heart and body away to the first dumb boy to say the same. To treat his wife so that the son will know what to do and the daughter will know what she should expect.

I see rooms that are meant for eating. When people eat together, there is something that says togetherness. Jesus gave his disciples bread to remember him by, and the first church had an Agape feast whenever they met. A cafe where people share life together over a Red Bull and a muffin. A fellowship hall where we come together as a community of believers and enjoy each other. Where after church, the first time visitor couple can eat some pizza at the table with a “Harvest” family, . . and after sharing their story to some people, who actually care! . .will say to themselves: “this feels right”.

I see a gymnasium where a co-worker might be invited to come down for “basketball night”. He would never just “go to church”. Ha! . .Little does he know that “church” is not that which happens in the auditorium on Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00, but church is that which is happening all over when God’s people are together and loving people. It is happening to him right there at the foul line and he doesn’t even know it! In his heart he says “this feels right”. Pretty soon he is in service learning who the Lord is, making friends with other believers. Three weeks later he is at a bar-b-q at the Barkers! He thinks he is eating steak on a stick but he is still in church! I have more rooms to talk about tomorrow. so stay tuned!

Pastor Mike