As I walk around the new building I see a long hallway to the children’s classrooms. I can only imagine the small minds and hearts that will be influenced there. Are you lucky enough to remember a special Sunday school teacher? One who treated you with respect and kindness? What incredible opportunities there will be, beginning that second Sunday in September. Do you know how many apartments there are within a half mile of the new building? How many little kids with only one parent who would love to come on Sunday morning to see their favorite teacher, to go up to the Junior church room and sing loud silly songs and watch a skit to learn who Jesus is, . . to make a craft that would proudly hang on the fridge at home. To get a real letter in the mail with a hand written note from their teacher with a coupon for ice cream! To memorize their 5 verses so that they can go on the Zoo trip in the Church Shuttle van on Saturday morning. To have their first car wash so they can go to Junior camp in July!

They like it so much, now their Mother and aunt are coming to Sunday mornings with them. Just imagine, because of all the volunteers working with Chyanne and Rachel, Mom is being baptized the next Week. (She was invited to Diane Ames’ mom’s group and found a relationship with Jesus there.)

Isn’t it interesting how one smile, one invite, one personal note, one prayer, one person who understands that Church is more than sitting in the service can make a difference!

I look into the cafe and can only imagine the groups that will want to meet there. Not just a room, but a place where a young kid from Portland who just started his first I.T. job might be invited to an 11 pm Friday music and coffee. It wasn’t in the bulletin, it was on some social media site 2 hours before. He’s not sure about his god (little g) but is quite interested in drinking some of this fresh coffee from a small family farmer in Nicaragua. (The proceeds help him buy another mule so he can plant more and feed his family better.) He’s intrigued with a discussion with Kevin Foley at 1 am (way past Kevin’s bed time) on the medical proofs that contradict his personal views of our origin. They exchange numbers. That’s it . . . .one prayer, one tweet, one cup of fair trade coffee, one invite, one soul that might be rescued.

Lots of exciting “what-ifs”. Each room . . . has a purpose. Without Gods people doing something in it, it will only be a room. I will share some more rooms with you in the morning.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the dinner at the new property June 7th. We will eat some food and show you some of the rooms.

Pastor Mike