I walk into the auditorium (I would open the doors to the auditorium but there are none. We have a 18,000lb lift that we still need in there for all the high ceiling lights and speakers. It barely can wiggle itself out now.With the doors in we would have to take it apart and remove it . . . so we will wait.) Back to my story: I walk into the auditorium and a can only imagine the room, people in the seats, some standing, some sitting being led by the worship team. Their hearts prepared for the communion. For some it’s the first peace they have had in their heart all week and need this time in the throne room.

The lights go darker,.. a video of a couple who have attended for years share their testimony of how it wasn’t always as it seemed, marriage problems, money, anger, trust issues. Some real struggles but things are getting better now as they fully trust in Christ. Things that many of the audience can deeply identify with.

A small light in the baptistry comes on. We hear the testimony of someone who is making an oath to Christ, giving their life back to the one who created them. They say those beautiful words “I believe that Jesus is the….” they are taken down so that the water slowly parts around them, then envelopes them in a cleansing water burial. Up out of the water they come and then those in their seats rise and applaud! Nothing better that that! The band plays, people sing, scripture is read, the word is preached, ushers are ushing, greeters are greeting, people laugh, some with heavy hearts or great concerns, come forward after the service to pray on the sides of the stage. Some of the new folks who are there accept the invitation to go straight to the fellowship hall for a free lunch and a meet and greet with the pastor and an elder or two.

I see two rooms downstairs, one says HS the other JH. Kids coming and going. A rag-tag bunch, some A-students and some D students, some band geeks, some athletes. Loners, goofy 12 years old with shoes the same size. Growing faster on the outside then socially or emotionally on the inside. Young girls, pretty girls, track star girls, girls that get bullied, girls who post inappropriately, girls that want to be loved and accepted by the guys . . .All kids. . .some with big futures, some with terrible pasts. All in a room together while Steve and his awesome youth coaches and interns give them love, advice and a place to be a Church. Did you know 2/3’s of Christians accept Christ before they are 18. We should never stop praying for what will go on down stairs!

There are many other rooms in the new building. All with a purpose . Each room and purpose a little different from the others, but all will have a part in reaching someone for Christ. Each room at the new building will need people like you who know that we can all make a difference.

Harvest, let the adventure begin!

Pastor Mike