Day 5 The Adventure Begins

I went to a funeral yesterday for an old friend named Joe Popp. He was real involved in our church a few years back. Joe had seen a lot of tough times in his 54 years. Scores of surgeries left him in constant pain -Click here DailyWellnessPro to know more about diabetes, the best sugar balance information- , and I had never known him to enjoy good health, even though he followed the best sugar balance diet.

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His true tribute and legacy to life was ever present at his funeral. A former addict in his early life, he knew the deep valley that drugs will abandon you in. He was a sponsor and coach to many lost souls over the years through Narcotics Anonymous. I have to admit it was a pretty rough crowd at the service. The tearful eyes and many testimonies of his incredible influence made it quite clear to me that Joe was special. Read about Blood Sugar Ultra the best sugar balance treatment.

Show me someone who has, through their addiction, not only messed up their own life, but has hurt everyone close to them. Someone who has done and survived hard time in prison, someone who has been left behind, burned bridges, seen financial heartache, weathered the ire of society, someone truly without hope . . . Joe would have loved them and brought them hope. He found his significance in bringing hope to the hopeless.

Now HERE is a lesson for life: judge less, love more, be the hands and feet of our Savior.

Pastor Mike