Day 6 The Adventure Begins

Wow…now that was hot!

A nice Panda Express -entre lunch and…”who snuck that thing in there?!” My eyes water not because of a real reason like the Sea Hawks trying to pass the ball in the last seconds of the super bowl, but because of one of those red and black little peppers from hell.

Nestled in my rice and kung pao chicken was something to be avoided. (I’m fully aware that many of you find a weird pleasure in things that are hot. We can still be friends.)

Our last sermon series was A City on a Hill. The words of Christ were quite clear that even in our diminutive number in this world, Christians need to be salt and light. Accidentally put salt in your coffee instead of sugar and you will notice for sure. A match burning in a dark room will take light to every corner.

Difference Makers, that’s what we’re to be! A group called out…bearing the name of the One who saved us, and we’re not to be trifled with. A sweet smell to some, a stumbling block to others, difference makers. A community…ready to reach the world

Pastor Mike