Good morning Church! Rise and Shine, It’s Sunday. I can’t wait to see you all! This morning we receive part 2 of the series “The Power of One”. It’s a powerful series that is really getting me to rethink my priorities and attitudes. (It’s much more fun to preach a message that YOU need to hear, than one that WE need to hear.) Spent the night in Hood River with my wife yesterday. (It may or may not have been her birthday on Friday. She doesn’t like to talk about it.) Had a fancy dinner but the $27 steak was overrated. Must have been a small cow . . .who lived a boring life. At least that is what it tasted like! As we all grow older the pressure to be significant builds. Why are we here? Will the world be a better place because we are here? We’re all pretty good at doing things that are fleeting. (moth and rust as Jesus put it). Let’s focus this week on “significance”. After all, that is from whence true joy comes!

Pastor Mike