Crazy things have been going on in Baltimore the last few days. Fires, looting, attacks on authorities and innocents both.

Young people, who the majority were raised without the influence of both a father and a mother, sabotaging their community, their reputation as a group in society and their own futures.

One video this morning shows an angry mother advancing on her young son who was dressed in black, wearing a ski mask, . . grabbing him, whacking him on the head and dragging him from the looting and rioting. No doubt back to his home. There is no audio but I imagine the these phrases were included: “Don’t you walk away from me, what were you thinking? Take that mask off . . . I didn’t raise you to be like that. . . .” And back to his home he went.

What is it about “home?” It is suppose to be where we learn right and wrong. It represents the foundation, security and the place where we have modeled to us the important things of life. Sadly, many young people are only seeing the ugly side of life. Abuse, sexual immorality, abandonment, dishonesty, drug abuse, anger, and the idea that “I am the victim so I’m going to get what I can get from whoever I can . . .” For many, “home” doesn’t represent anything honorable and certainly contains nothing worth passing on to the next generation. Hopefully we were raised to not bring dishonor to the home because it is truly a reflection of the ” head ,” . . . The traditions, legacy and character of that head. Every lesson taught, every sacrifice made and every drop of blood shed is a part of the foundation of that home.

Whether it is our home. . . or our Church home, or our nations’ home-front, it appears we all have some more to learn (and teach) about honor!

May God have mercy on our young people . . and please Lord, save an equal portion for the rest of us also.

Pastor Mike