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Developing a sense of COMMUNITY.

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Harvest Small Groups envision a community united by the purpose of furthering the reach of God’s kingdom into the world, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to a culture in need of restoration.

This community is inter-generational, multicultural, and welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds to live life together. There are no prerequisites that need to be met to join it. Rather, the small groups of Harvest Christian Church will provide a safe place to receive and provide connection, guidance, accountability, and empowerment to all people desiring to know and be known.

We envision a “family of families,” pursuing fun and purposeful fellowship, dedicated Biblical study, sacrificial generosity, humble and enthusiastic worship, and urgent evangelism.

Harvest Small Groups will be a training ground for the leaders of tomorrow’s church, equipping them to continue the work of the gospel and carry on the tradition of servant leadership modeled by Jesus.

To join a Harvest Small Group is to acknowledge and respond to the universal call for purpose, spiritual growth, and communal intimacy given to us by God.

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