Fishing with Jesus

Fishing with Jesus
Cash Lowe

This week, we’ll take some time to take a look at the first instance of Jesus calling some men to follow Him. While it seems like this story is a pretty simple one, there may be a deeper truth to Simon’s interaction with the Christ then we may notice at first.


Luke 5: 1-11


Go Deeper

1.How do you interpret Simon’s tone in verse 5? Does he seem reluctant?

2.Peter was sure that putting out the nets was a waste of time, because of his recent experience in doing so. What is something you have tried in the past that did not meet your expectations, leading to doubt in the future?

3.Why would Simon Peter react the way that he does in verse 8?

4.How do you think Simon, James, and John felt after this miracle took place?



1.What does it mean to go “fishing for men?”

2.How do you imagine you would respond to Jesus asking you to literally drop everything and follow him?

3.Have you ever had a time of doubt in your life that was followed up with a moment of truth? In other words, have you ever felt like Peter, when he told Jesus that fishing was pointless and was quickly shown Jesus’ power? How does that affect you moving forward?



Pray this week that you assumptions about what God can, cannot, will, and will not do are all erased. Ask God to show you your areas of doubt and mistrust. Examine your life and look for areas in which you may be hesitant to trust God because of your past experiences and ask Him to give you an opportunity to change.