Fresh Water: Good Vibrations and Positive Motivations

Fresh Water: Good Vibrations and Positive Motivations
Mike Halstead

Last week, Mike discussed the danger of how we can use our words selfishly, motivating others for personal gain or through methods that don’t reflect the gentleness of Christ. This week, let’s look at how motivation of positive speech habits can be a boon to our lives.


James 3:9-11

Proverbs 18:20-21

James 5:12


Go Deeper

1.What is it like to be around someone who tends to be more positive than negative in the speech? How could it affect our evangelism if we attempt to be more uplifting in how we speak?

2.What does it mean to be “filled by the fruit of a person’s mouth?”

3.Does the passage in James 5 mean that we should no longer make promises?

4.What is more difficult, letting your “yes” be “yes” or your “no be “no?”.



1.For three weeks, we have been discussing how we use our speech and the positive and negative consequences our tongue may lead to. How have you tried to alter your words to become less negative?

2.If we should no longer swear, but rather let our “yes” be “yes” and our “no” be “no,” how will that affect our interactions with others? For example, how would work be affected if you became more straightforward and reliable in how you speak?



Praise God for his blessings, and all of the reasons we have to worship Him. Ask Him to remind you this week that your speech is important, and that the words and tone you use are being judged as part of your witness to Christ.