Fresh Water: The Course of your Life

Fresh Water: The Course of your Life
Pastor Mike Halstead

In his epistle, James takes time to pay special attention to the potential dangers of how we use our speech.

James 3:3-6

Go Deeper
1.What kind of situations may be present in James audience that he takes time to discuss the dangers of the tongue in such great detail?

2.Which of the metaphors that James uses sticks out to you?

3.Why does it seem like James is placing such an emphasis on the tongue as a dangerous part of

1.What kind of consequences can an uncontrolled tongue have on a church body?

2.Have you ever had a time when your speech has had a lasting impact on your life? Share that with the group.

3.Read James 1:19. How would this approach have helped the situation from the previous question? If you didn’t have an example, when is it the most difficult for you to be “slow to speak and quick to listen?”

4.Why is it that we often find it so difficult to apologize?

Praise God for giving us the ability to overcome our tendency to use poisonous words with others. Ask for courage to apologize to those with whom you may need to rebuild bridges that have been burned.