Fresh Water: The Surface of Faith

Fresh Water: The Surface of Faith
Pastor Mike Halstead

This week, let’s take some time to talk about how our faith translates into action. We have been looking at a passage in James 3 for a month now, unpacking the potential our tongues have. Potential to build up or destroy; to encourage or hurt. Oftentimes, however, the potential for good that we have is stymied by our failure to turn our good intentions of our faith into real life action. First, let’s read another passage from James to get a picture of what we are talking about.

James 2:14-26

Go Deeper

1.What is the difference between “faith” and “deeds?”

2.James creates a hypothetical argument between two people, one defending the supremacy of their faith, the other championing the value of good works. If you were to be a part of this debate, on which side do you believe you would find yourself?

3.Verse 19 seems to bring up an entirely new topic, that “demons” believe there is one God.


1.How can the potential for the good we can do with our tongue be lessened by our inaction?

2.How can hypocrisy find its way into our faith through our speech?

3.If faith without actions is dead, but actions without faith cannot bring us salvation, which of these two things to our Christian faith should be given priority?

4.How does the passage from James 3 that we have been studying during this series apply to this passage?



Pray for the courage to turn your words into action this week. If you truly desire a stronger community, then look for a small group to join. If you desire the homeless to be fed, then make a contribution to a local food pantry. Ask for opportunities to take your thoughts and feelings toward others and turn them into actions.