Change for a Dollar


A large part of our worship each week is helping out those in need, both in the community and in our own church body.

Each week, Harvest gives one dollar in Benevolence for every person in attendance. (Example, 500 people in attendance? $500 dollars given that next week to those in need). It might be in the form of rent assistance, an overdue utility bill, a motel for a traveler broken down, Christmas gifts or a meal during the holidays, a tank of gas, a car repair, help with a medical bill, socks for the homeless, a gift certificate for school clothes, … the list has no end.


Beyond your regular giving, we are asking that you give one dollar for yourself and one dollar for each person in your family in attendance that week.

Feel like giving more? Just earmark your gift “Change for a Dollar” and we will see that it blesses those in need.

Can one dollar make a difference? It can when we put those dollars together!

Together, we can truly be making a “change for a dollar”!

Feel free to give your “Change for a Dollar” each Sunday, once a month, or through our Online Giving. When you give online, be sure to select “Change for a Dollar – Benevolence” from the drop down menu!