Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Church!

It’s that wonderful first day of the New Year! We join athletic clubs, promise to watch less TV (starting tomorrow), once again pray with our children at bedtime. We commit to less fries and more asparagus, and promise to go to church more.

This is the time of year where our good intentions find flight! Our disciplined self pops it’s happy head out of the hole like a groundhog; looks around and starts embracing the healthy, active, and spiritual lifestyle we know we are capable of.

A new year, a new beginning…nothing wrong with that.



Don’t be discouraged when that groundhog discovers that donuts are better than broccoli, and all that time we were going to set aside for meaningful things gets eaten up with that new subscription to Netflix. Pretty soon the groundhog is back in his hole, wearing his pajamas, and binge watching “Agents of Shield.”

Oh well, someone lazy once said “set your goals low and you will hit them every time.”

That’s a pretty sad outlook. I would rather start “reading through the Bible in a year” every January and only make it to Leviticus than to have never tried at all. “The best way to never fail is to never try.” Now that’s a good saying!

So go ahead, set some good goals . . . the kind that actually bless other people. Do your best, and keep trying.

To quote the famous philosopher Hulk Hogan (google him if you have no idea what I’m talking about)…

“Say your prayers and eat your vitamins.”

That about sums it up, except as the preacher, I think we should all go to church every Sunday too…and it just so happens that there is a service in 2 days! Have a great New Year, and we will see you Sunday!

Pastor Mike