You may be wondering, “What should I expect at a Harvest Church Service?”


First, you can expect to be welcomed by loving people who genuinely care about you. Second, our dress is casual, so come as you are. Third, our worship is expressive and joyful. We worship God freely without fear, shame, or pretense. Fourth, Pastor Mike or another speaker brings truth to life through in-depth study of scriptures and powerful illustrations.

Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the start time of any service. This will give you time to check your children into Uptown Kids and get coffee, tea, or water before service.

You will be greeted with a warm welcome from the moment you step foot onto the campus. Music, talking, and laughter will be what you hear from the lobby. Our weekend services begin with worship music that is vibrant and upbeat to prepare what God has in store for you.

Then, Pastor Mike or another speaker will share a biblically based message coupled with personal illustrations.  We offer communion each week and our Prayer Partners are available for pray at the end of each service.

“I’ve never been to church before, how does it work?”

Knowing what to expect before going somewhere for the first time makes a big difference. Take some time to get to know us and what our church services look like. Read more

“Is there something for my kids to do during the service?”

Harvest has fantastic children’s programming available each service. If you have little ones ages 0 yrs. through 3rd grade, they will be checked in to Uptown Kids for a morning of songs, games, activities, and Bible lessons.


Grades 4th – 6th are a part of The Bridge, where they enjoy their own worship band, speaker, and small group discussions.


Middle School and High Schoolers are invited to join The Refuge Youth Ministry downstairs for a dynamic youth oriented worship service.

Come join us this weekend. You’re going to love it here!