Jesus is like no other person throughout time.

He is the most loved and most hated person in the history of the world. More art, more music, and more literature has been focused on Jesus than on anyone who has ever lived.

Everyone has some concept of who Jesus is. This may be based on family tradition, media, books, or hearsay. What you believe about Jesus is important.

This page can barely scratch the surface of who Jesus is and all the books in the world cannot contain the many works and miracles he performed. Jesus not only claimed to be the Son of God, but proved it through His miracles. His teachings offer the best way to live. His sacrifice took care of everything we have ever done wrong, and His resurrection from the dead gives us hope that we can one day conquer death and be resurrected to live with Him forever as well!

God wants YOU to know HIM. To accomplish this, He made himself available in a way that we can all understand. He sent His Son Jesus to earth through a miraculous birth to become human like we are. His life, death, and resurrection from the dead were recorded by reliable eye witnesses.

Jesus changes lives

The Gospel is the story of Jesus, the ‘Good News.’

Thousands of years ago, God created the world and everything in it. He created people, men and women, so they would know Him and be with Him. God’s people quickly turned their backs on Him and chose their own way. When they did, a new reality of darkness and distance ushered in; however, God set in motion a plan to reclaim His creation.

He sent his son, Jesus, into the world as a way back to Himself. Through his life, Jesus taught us what God is like. Through his death, He took the judgement for our wrongdoing (sin). Through His resurrection, He opened the door for us to have new life with God for all of eternity.

And now He continues to draw people into His story and make their lives new. For centuries, this story has rescued all kinds of people from brokenness, and has brought hope, meaning, and joy.


Salvation is provided by grace only. Grace is a free, undeserved gift. We can do nothing to earn it, it is given to us by God alone. Anyone turning from sin in repentance and looking to Christ and his death on a cross, burial, and resurrection receives the gift of eternal life and is declared clean by God. You are fully accepted. As believers, we are forgiven of our sins and released into the freedom of God’s Spirit.

If you’d like to discuss who Jesus is, or have questions, we’d love to talk to you! We invite you to learn more about this man called Jesus, His word, His way, and how you can find new life in Him. It would be our privilege to share with you who Jesus is and how He can impact your life.

I’m ready to follow Jesus. What now?