UPTOWN Kids exists to encourage kids to take their next steps with Jesus. Environments have been uniquely created to provide an atmosphere where your child will have fun and learn about God. At each level of the ministry, kids will receive sound, age-appropriate and engaging teaching that will challenge and help them grow in their faith.

Each member of our Children’s team has received specialized training and has passed a background check, which lends confidence that your children are safe and cared for.

Little Tykes (Age 2.5-3)

  •  Little Tykes are welcomed by a loving teacher and a generous amount of playtime.
  • A lesson is shared with plenty of support from visual aids, puppets, and props.
  • The day is wrapped up with a Bible-reinforcing activity, a snack, and a little bit more playtime with new friends!

Preschoolers (Age 4 until Kindergarten)

  • Preschoolers are welcomed into a cooperative play-time where they get to bond with classmates over shared toys.
  • A teacher enthusiastically shares a Bible story with the help of sharing time, props, visual aids, activities, and questions for response.
  • The class wraps up with a snack, a craft, and if the opportunity arrives, a special trip to the gym or playground.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

  • Kindergarteners and first graders are greeted and guided to a group activity which makes transition into a lesson seamless!
  • Students are encouraged to share, respond, and ask questions about their topic and lesson.
  • The day will wrap up with supporting crafts and activities that allow children to deepen their experience of learning about the love of God.

2nd and 3rd Grade

  • Each week, kids come in to the 2nd and 3rd grade classroom to be greeted by a familiar teacher who jumps right into a teaching time once the students are present.
  • Students are encouraged to be an active part of the lesson through reading, listening, sharing, asking, and praying.
  • Students get to build awesome relationships with teachers and other students with whom they explore how the Word of God interacts with their lives in real ways.