Meet Josh!

Meet Josh

We are so excited to welcome Josh as our new Worship Director.



Josh Johnson graduated from Ecola Bible College with a minor in Biblical Theology. Josh has passion for connecting with people and fellowship in Christ. What Josh loves about worship ministry is getting to work with musicians who have a heart to serve the Lord through music and connecting with the congregation in corporate worship. Josh has a background in live theater in the Portland area and is a residents director with Eastside Theater Company. He has been involved in worship ministry for over 16 years. Being so impacted by the Holy Spirit through music, Josh loves working with teams who have a heart for worship ministry and is so excited to be part of the Harvest family.


Get To Know Him A Little Better…

We asked Josh a few questions, just so you could get to know him a little better. Josh is fun, outgoing, and is always ready to laugh! If you get a chance, introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

Working on props for Eastside Theater.

Super Hero Name: “Quantum Man”

Super Power: I can walk through walls

The best sweet & salty snack: Chocolate covered pretzels

On the weekend, you’ll probably find me doing this: Hiking

I’ve never been: Out of the country

My favorite candy would have to be: Starbursts

My hero is: Lincoln Brewster

Dream Role: Phantom in Phantom of the Opera

What was your dream job when you were a kid? Police officer

Any particular skill that you would recommend to everyone to learn? To spell…no, but really? To sing.

What would be the title to your autobiography? “How did you get here and why are you doing what you are doing”

What song or music would make even the worst jobs bearable to do? The Cartoon Song by Chris Rice