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Maturity That Leads to Wisdom

Maturity That Leads to Wisdom


true wisdom only comes through the Gospel, and as we mature and grow in our faith journey, the “mysteries” that surround it no longer seem so secret after all. The Holy Spirit shows us the ways we are to walk in Christ, and the results eventually speak for themselves.

Root Deep to Fight, God's Word Guides

Root Deep to Fight, God’s Word Guides


As it says in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed out…” and the power of God’s Word touches every aspect of our lives, at every crucial point in our journeys, and in every circumstance we may face. The question is whether we want to root down deep to fight with the “Sword of the Spirit,” and let God’s Word guide us forward.

Your Next Step

Your Next Step


Your are the light, Matthew 5:14. Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Hide it under a Bushel NO! Matthew 5:15. That they may see your good deeds. Matthew 5:16Your next step.