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To mourn, to hunger, to be meek? Do any of these fun? We dive into the first 7 Beatitudes. "Blessed are the..." A goldmine of truth for those seeking to draw near the Lord.

Community on Purpose, Pt 3

Community on Purpose Part 3


We are the body of Christ, but what happens when the body has limited communication with it's members? Steve Valdez talks about how our church body can be staying strong and healthy in distanced times.

Community on Purpose, Pt. 1

Community on Purpose, Pt 1


A church where people are drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus through purposeful community – our love and knowledge of Christ would grow as we walk together through this life.

State of the Church

State of the Church – Live Stream


A special round table discussion in which the Executive Team (Mike Halstead, Josh Argubright, and Jacqui Valdez), along with prospective Elders Harry Douglass and Marty McMahon will discuss the history, the present, and the future focus of our church.