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More Than Just NIce

More Than Just Nice


Parables about Him, HIs mission, and the Kingdom. Dig deep to find the meanings, not just the surface of the parables. Do not miss the point Luke 10:27-29

True Fiction: You Are

You Are


You are Salt . . . You are Light. If you are a believer you are these things. We need to show this to the world around us and live for Jesus.

True Fiction: Prodigal


Luke 15:11-32. Wayward son- Burning bridges, not recognizing a good things. Good son - distain instead of compassion. The Father - no shortage of wealth and compassion

Ture Fiction Parables of Jesus: Prodigal



Luke 15:11-32 Wayward Son, Good Son, and the Father. Burning bridges, not recognize a good thing, disdain instead of compassion, no shortage of wealth, compassion.