Missionary Updates, June 2023

Sowing the Harvest Around the World (Missionary Updates, May 2023)

As we approach summer here in Oregon, and all the beautiful weather en route for our area, our missionaries have been faithfully at work all throughout the world. And with your generosity, we are able to allocate 12% of your tithes and offerings to the work our eight fulltime missionaries are doing every single day.

Below is just a glimpse of how your giving is impacting God’s Kingdom work around the world, including through a team we were able to send down to Mexico to assist one of those missionaries, Juan Pablo Martinez, in a building project. (Harvest has been supporting Pablo since May 2014, but had been involved with taking missions trips down there to support him prior). Here is what Tim Thorpe, one of the crew that went down to Nueva Colonia Hindú, Mexico, in late April, had to say about the project they worked on during their trip. (The other two crew members from Harvest were Luke Scherler and Kip Leo) …

“Pastor Gabriel (Pastor Gabby) had been living in a community 15-20 minutes away from the church grounds. The roads are heavily rutted from record rainfall in the area, this makes going anywhere down there quite slow and really tests the suspension of the vehicle you’re driving. Each Sunday, Pastor Gabby would bring the instruments for their worship team to the church, unloading for service before reloading afterwards. Between the road and lifting heavy equipment, his back has taken a heavy toll. With a home built on the church property, Pastor Gabby and his family will no longer need to make the commute to the church. Now he will be there to help watch over the flock in far more comfort.

“This is why we wanted to build a two-bedroom, one bathroom house next to a church in the mountains for Pastor Gabby and his family.

“On Day One, we met our goal of getting four walls up! We were blessed to work with our brothers that live in Mexico: David, Arturo, and Saturo.

“On Day Two, we focused on interior walls and joists before getting started on hanging windows and doors.

“By Day Three, we were able to start to get the roof up before completing it on Day Four.

“On the evening of Day Four, Pablo treated us with a trip into Tecaté to visit the bread shop, which is an absolute must according to Luke. (Luke has taken numerous trips down to Mexico to support Pablo with building projects before).

“Come Day Five, we were able to finish building the house as we took care of the final details, including the sheet rock work, fixtures, cabinets and, eventually, sealing up the windows.

“On Day Six, all that was left for Saturday was sealing the front door and cleaning the area. We prayed a blessing on the house and were able to share our thanks for their hospitality and kindness we experienced all week long. Pastor Gabby expressed his deep thanks to us and added to his gratitude by sharing Mark 9:41 with us, which says, ‘For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ will by no means lose his reward.’

“He followed that up by adding, ‘You didn’t just bring me a glass of water, you brought me a home.’ With emotions and praises running high, we then gave Pastor Gabby the keys to his new place.

“With God leading the way, we ran into no major issues with weather in the mid-80s the whole time and a cool mountain breeze.

“Each evening after we finished up for the day, Pablo arranged for us to have dinner with someone from the congregation at a different family’s house. They would take us in and prepare a meal for us (each with a new homemade salsa).

“Almost every day while we worked, a dove would perch on top of the cross right next to the house we were building, and it reminded me that the Spirit of God is always moving and blessing the work that is being done for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“If the Lord wills it, I hope to return with others from Harvest somewhere down the road.”



Here are some other highlights from some of our missionaries, including …

Jonathan Turner / Key Communications

With the recent loss of Jonathan’s father and Key Communications’ founder, Lee Turner, Jonathan and his family have been grieving his loss while also celebrating his life with their continued dedication to the work they do for those who speak Urdu in Pakistan.

After getting the opportunity to hold his father’s memorial at Crossroads Church in Portland, Jonathan has been able to dive headlong back into writing scripts, recording programs, and broadcasting daily to all the people they minister to on their streaming stations over the Internet. He has also been mentoring church leaders in Pakistan to help bring the Gospel to a people who desperately need it.

Cash Lowe / Grace Network International

After a winter where Shepherd’s House has been busier than ever, Cash and his wife Lisa got a chance to finally get away to see some of her family. Serving more people than ever before, and doing so excellently, has also led Cash and his team to do trainings for other large rescue missions throughout the country, including one in May they’re doing down in Macon, Georgia. Outside of these types of ministries asking for their help, state and local government officials have also visited Shepherd’s House to seek out insights and other knowledge as to how they continue to do so well with such a large increase in need over the last handful of years. And in every case, Cash and his team says they always answer them the same way: “Love … Loving people with the love of Jesus. Loving people unconditionally. Loving people hard, even on their worst days. Especially on their worst days. Love is the answer.”


Thanks so much for your ongoing love, prayers, and support for our local church family here at Harvest as well as for the missionaries we support overseas. We would not be able to continue to do what we are able to do without your regular tithes and offerings.

With your financial contributions to Harvest, we can continue to bless our missionaries along with all the people and families that come through the doors here at church every week. You are making a worldwide impact by helping us hold strong to one of five core values with our heart for cross-cultural mission!


The other fulltime missionaries we support are …

Jim & Kathy Tierney / Tierney Christian Mission

Harry Douglass / Team Expansion

Jaffet Perez / Gate of Hope Mission International

Doug & Shelly Kallestad / IAM (Iberoamerican Ministries)

Bev Meyer / South Sudan African Mission