Missionary Updates, October 2022

Sowing the Harvest Worldwide (Missionary Updates, October 2022)

As we head deeper into the fall here in Troutdale, it is important to remember that though the season is changing, the work of the missionaries we support here at Harvest Christian Church continues.

In case you did not know, we allocate 12% of our entire budget to cross-cultural missions because we absolutely love being part of all that God is doing here, locally, as well as abroad. And through your prayers and financial support, God has blessed us with the opportunity to come alongside some of His most faithful servants.

Here is just a glimpse of how your giving is impacting God’s Kingdom work around the world …

Bev Meyer / South Sudan African Mission

In one of the most exciting developments since COVID-19 first surfaced, Dr. John visited Harvest Christian Church, along with Bev Meyer, on Sunday, October 23rd!

Dr. John is a faithful servant of God and has been serving alongside Bev with SSAM for a very long time. Not only is he a native to South Sudan, but as Dr. John said recently, he is “the only Christian religious leader that is traveling with the government delegation to the United States.” Amid a backlog that has caused most people to have to wait for more than two years before they can travel overseas because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. John is finally able to do a Church tour that includes both SSAM supporters, as well as those who are partners in other ways. He is excited to be the beneficiary of one of God’s many miracles as it relates to his one-year long visa in which he can stay in the States for three months per each visit.

On the ground in South Sudan, here’s some of the other things Dr. John reported on in his latest update: “It has been a trying time for the Christians in South Sudan. We are thanking God that many are fighting through several obstacles to serve the Lord in different capacities. Some by administering healthcare services at Malek Christian Hospital; some by preaching the good news in their community; some by offering counseling services to the most hopeless.”

The Aweii Bible College Dr. John is involved with is also reopening after students and teachers requested a break to be home with their families during the farming season.

Jaffet & Norma Perez / Gate of Hope Mission International

After spending time in the Spanish-speaking countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Cuba in recent months training leaders of churches in the area and providing locals with some much-needed medical supplies, Jaffet’s focus has most recently shifted to Haiti.

With COVID-restrictions lifting just in time to travel, Jaffet and a ministry co-worker of his named Russell Driver were able to make it to Pignon, Haiti, to begin the process of setting up two containers that will eventually become a multi-use space for the people in the area. Once a roof is placed in between the containers, the space it covers will be used by the youth, certain vocational work, other recreation as well as related church activities, a security area for vehicles, and so much more.

Outside of this building project, Jaffet and company are also meeting up with key leaders, including Obed Michel and Ben Dutervil, to discuss and plan for future ministry work along with providing additional study material in the Haitian Creole language for leaders they’ll both be working with. Obed has been working with Jaffet’s organization and studying with them for over seven years. He speaks four languages and works with them at conferences, teaches and preaches, as well as serving as an interpreter and translator. Ben does similar work, but has been focusing specifically on teaching needy children and organizing services for the local church in Pignon once the facilities are built and in place.

Jonathan & Fawn Turner / Key Communications

As Muslim influence has increased, and recent historical floods have caused some obvious related problems, Key Communications’ work continues. Preaching the Gospel and teaching the ways of Jesus amid these challenges has become more important than ever for Jonathan and his team.

Outside of broadcasts themselves, one of the other ways Jonathan has been ministering to others recently is through a local congregation in Green Town, which is a region in Pakistan. A second-generation church that was started by people who came from a church his parents started in Shah Jamal, Jonathan had the opportunity to pour into a man named Javed, who is a leader in the congregation. Jonathan was able to use his time with Javed to talk about how he can be more effective in ministry by planning better and being more strategic with how he approaches the work he’s doing in Green Town. Jonathan’s time with Javed has propelled him to reorganize and rethink how he plans to teach his students going forward.

Jonathan is also in the process of more purposefully developing local churches that are not dependent on foreign aid, and which thrive under indigenous leadership as opposed to those from the outside coming in to lead or plant churches. And a big part of Key Communications’ work in this area, specifically, is connected to a new program series they launched that is geared toward presenting Muslims with the truth of the Gospel in a way they can understand and accept.

Cash & Lisa Lowe / Grace Network International

With the summer-like weather continuing well into October this year, the work continues for helping those experiencing homelessness along with battling addictions and abuse in Central Oregon where Cash and Lisa Lowe serve with Grace Network International. From the peaks of summer when Central Oregon was seeing temperatures in the 100+ range to now, as the fall brings with it new challenges and difficult circumstances for so many, the Lowes’ ministry work has never been needed more.

As Cash describes some of the interactions he has had with angry people and those without hope, he recently said that, “Maybe it has always been this way, but it sure feels like many people are on-the-brink with a world that seems to be spinning out of control.” And through Cash’s continued commitment to “being kinder to those I meet,” along with the life-changing training, human resources, and consulting services the Lowes provide through Grace Network International, they continue to be dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in our society regularly.

Unfortunately, like so many of us, they have also experienced their own share of heartache and loss lately. First, losing their 33-year-old niece, Abi Floski, to cancer followed by Cash’s father, Jim Lowe, who took his own life as he was nearing the end of his own cancer battle and overcome with grief of losing another person dear to him, the Lowes could desperately use your prayers.


Thanks so much for your ongoing love, prayers, and support for our local church family here at Harvest as well as for the missionaries we support overseas. We would not be able to continue to do what we are able to do without your regular tithes and offerings. With your financial contributions to Harvest, we can regularly bless and help provide for these missionaries above, as well as for all the people and families that come through the doors here at church every Sunday and beyond. Your donations are making a worldwide impact!

The other fulltime missionaries that we support are …

Harry Douglass / Team Expansion

Doug & Shelly Kallestad / IAM (Iberoamerican Ministries)

Jim & Kathy Tierney / Tierney Christian Mission

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