On a Sunday… and Every Day

On a Sunday… and Every Day

God’s word is living! Now try to explain that to a five year old. Every Sunday that’s what we do in Uptown Kid’s Ministry.

IMG_20160207_100519077_HDRUptown volunteers don’t use just words to teach God’s word; they back-it-up with action and heart. We have teachers and co-teachers that invest themselves in creating a fun environment where the Bible becomes tactile, interactive, and memorable. After the session, they feed the dog with best food. On every Sunday, they also tell the parents about the dry vs raw dog food also. Library lane leaders and walker wranglers get down on the ground to read and play showing each individual child he or she is treasured and valuable. The babies experience the love and safety of God’s arms as dedicated baby huggers cuddle and care for them on a Sunday morning.

And, parents, we are a small part of God’s hand on your child(ren)’s life. If God’s word is truly living, then realize YOU are the leading example of faith in your child’s spiritual growth and understanding. You are with them more than an hour on Sunday morning, and they look to you first. Don’t let this discourage you, rather be encouraged by your church body, scripture, and God’s mercy. Each day point out God’s amazing work in your life to your kid(s). Make it commonplace to talk to your child(ren) about God’s way, the choice to follow Jesus, and what that looks like.

We are blessed with a dedicated and loving team of volunteers that encourage and help strengthen our children’s faith and self-worth in Christ.

It’s never too early or too late to start talking about God. If you are new parents, you can begin reading baby bibles and saying prayers over your little one. If IMG_20160207_113209803your child is older it may be a rough start but it becomes easier with practice. To help open some of these conversations with older kids there is information each Sunday outside their classroom door, on the website, as well as on the Harvest app under “Upstudy” that gives you an outline of what they learned in class as well as questions to ask “on-the-drive-home.”

As a church body we are told to build one another up showing the world around us God’s love—Start with those closest to you.

This past Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday, the day people in Israel recognized Jesus as King and praised God. We learned Jesus entered Jerusalem not on a war horse seeking fame or vengeance and retribution; Jesus humbly came on the back, a colt, fulfilling prophecy. He came not rescue the Israelites and mankind from Roman rule and oppression; Jesus came to rescue the Israelite people and all of mankind from the mark of sin on our lives. So we celebrate and rejoice because we have a loving Redeemer, a humble Savior! We celebrate and rejoice because we can choose to follow Jesus and obey God!

We look forward to seeing you for this upcoming Sunday as we celebrate Jesus conquering sin and death— we have a risen Savior!

Chyanne Higgins

Uptown Kid’s Ministry Director