Uptown Kids Ministry

Uptown Kids Ministry

No need to wait until you are older— Uptown Kids can do great things through God now! We’ll be reading the Word of God, searching for God, and learning what it means to live in relationship God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, so that each kid can actively live out their faith right now.
Nursery Class Ages 0 years to 17 months (or not yet walking)
Wobblers Class 18 Months (and walking) through 2.5 years old

Growing up in God can start from the very first day a child is born. At UPTOWN, we believe it is possible to share the love of Christ with each child from the day of their birth. Christ’s love, radiating from our dedicated nursery staff affectionately dubbed “baby huggers” show that church is a safe and loving place.

We take children’s ministry very seriously at Harvest. Our nursery is squeaky clean & very safe.  All of our nursery workers & teachers have passed national background checks & work in teams to provide the safety & security that this generation of new parents demands and expects.

Our ultimate goal is that your children experience a God who loves them, a fun church that cares for them, and teaching & friendships that help them develop and grow into young people who know that Jesus has a plan for their lives!

Little Tykes (Age 2.5-3) Preschoolers (Age 4 until Kindergarten) Kindergarten & 1st Grade 2nd and 3rd Grade

With Jesus as our Cornerstone, UPTOWN Kids grow in God. Each Sunday kids get amped up as they worship and hear God’s Word. Kids study scripture at their own age level using lessons that hook their attention and guide them through the essential stories of the Bible. Crafts, games, and other activities are utilized to further connect how God’s Word is relevant and practical to kids right now.

UPTOWN Kids exists to encourage kids to take their next steps with Jesus. Environments have been uniquely created to provide an atmosphere where your child will have fun and learn about God. At each level of the ministry, kids will receive sound, age-appropriate and engaging teaching that will challenge and help them grow in their faith.

Each member of our Children’s team has received specialized training and has passed a background check, which lends confidence that your children are safe and cared for.

  • Check-in

    MEET US AT Uptown Park on the left when you first walk in. We have a Check-in desk where each child is checked in. Stop by and we’ll take care of you!

    FILL OUT A QUICK “FAMILY CHECK-IN” FORM  We will enter that info into our system and print name labels for your kids. We will take a picture of your child as an added security measure. You will receive a label with a matching number that will allow you to pick up your child after service. We’ll be happy to walk you to your child’s classroom and give you a tour!

    DROP THE KIDDOS OFF IN THEIR ROOM  Awesome, safe leaders in every room will make the experience great for you and your kids! Grades 4th – 6th meet upstairs. Stairs are located at the end of the kids hallway (follow the signs).

    PICKING UP YOUR KIDS  You will pick up your kids in the classroom. You will need to have the label we gave you when you checked in your children in order to pick them up. It helps us greatly if you have the label in your hand or stuck to your shirt when in the children’s hallway. If you lost the label, we will ask verifying questions.

  • Accomodations

    DO YOU HAVE A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS?  If you are a parent of a child with special needs, we want you to know that your kid is important to us. Our desire is for every child to feel welcome and comfortable. We would love to know as much about your child’s particular needs as you are willing to share – this helps us serve them best! We do not always have the volunteers to give focused attention, but check in with the children’s director, Faith Fox [email protected] to start a discussion.

  • Classrooms & Lessons

    In the nursery through 2.5 year classrooms, a variety of sensory and age-appropriate toys are available to the curious infant and wobbler.  Trained and dedicated baby-huggers warmly provide comfort during tough moments, diaper changes, snacks, and unconditional love!

    For younger classrooms, a teacher enthusiastically shares a Bible story with the help of sharing time, props, visual aids, activities, and questions for response.

    For elementary school classrooms, students are encouraged to share, respond, and ask questions about their topic and lesson.

    In every 2.5yr+ classroom: the hour wraps up with supporting crafts and activities that allow children to deepen their experience of learning about the love of God. Students get to build awesome relationships with teachers and other students with whom they explore how the Word of God interacts with their lives in real ways.