Now What?

Now What?

Order of Worship

April 11, 2021

Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song – “How Great Thou Art”
  • Song – “10,000 Reasons”
  • Song – “Loving My Jesus”


Message, Discipleship Director Cory Mandina
Now What?

Christianity is NOT:
• A set of practices
• For personal gain
• Good works that save us
• An option for happiness on earth
• One way to enter a positive afterlife

Christianity IS:
• A saving relationship
• Based on faith, not works
• For the glory of the Lord
• A gift from a loving Father
• A rejection of anything outside of God’s ways
• A raging fire

To get to know Jesus:
1. Join the conversation Luke 24:13-24 (ESV)
2. Read the Bible Luke 24:25-27 (ESV)
3. Spend time with Him Luke 24:28-32 (ESV) Hebrews 4:12-13 (NIV) 2 Timothy 3:16 (ESV)
4. Share the Good News Luke 24:33-35 (ESV) 1 Peter 1:3-8 (ESV)

  • Song – “Blessed Be Your Name”

Next Steps

  • Do you need prayer? Make a request, and our staff and Pastors will pray for you.