A Great Banquet Indeed!

A Great Banquet Indeed!

Order of Worship

July 9, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “Great Things”

  • Song “Nobody Like You”

  • Song “Great I Am”


Greeting and Announcements


Sermon – Pastor, Mike Halstead

A Great Banquet Indeed!

Luke 14:15-24

I. Theme #1 An Eschatological Banquet

  • Continuation from Luke 13
  • Narrow door  Luke 13:24
  • “Game over”  Luke 13:25-27, Matthew 25:10-13
  • The absolute part of “Absolutes”  Luke 13:28-30

II. Theme #2 Pante ta Ethne – “All Nations”

  • Prophecy fulfilled  Genesis 12:2-3
  • All nations, all peoples, All conditions of life  Rev. 3:20
  • The Jews first, and then the Greek

III. Excuses 

  • “Bought a field”

– Attention to material things  Luke 14:16

  • ” Bought some oxen”  Luke 14:19

– Preoccupation with new possessions

  • “Just got married”  Luke 14:20

– Priorities of the heart

IV. Attention to material things  Luke 14:16-18

  • But still a narrow door,
  • Loved dearly, heir to abundance, mansions prepared, and part of a family!


  • Song “Hymn Of Heaven”

Next Steps

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