A Healthy Fear Acts 4-5

A Healthy Fear Acts 4-5

Order of Worship

May 5, 2024


Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song “Loving My Jesus”

  • Song “Build My Life”

  • Song “We Believe”


Greetings and Announcements

Message: A Healthy Fear  Acts 4-5
Pastor Mike Halstead


I. A Wave of Generosity


– A biblical understanding of “possessions”  Acts 4:31-32


– A biblical understanding of “the body of Christ”  Acts 4:33-35


II. The Temptation of “Hypocrisy”


– Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-10


– So, what was the sin?


III. A “Healthy” Fear of God  Acts 5:11


– Pulling back . . .  or drawing near!




– Are we genuine in our obedience to First Fruit Giving?


– Does our Faithfulness exceed our Doubt?


– Our response to spiritual things we don’t understand


– Our response to worldly things we don’t understand  Acts 5:27


– The movement of God’s Plan of Salvation is proceeding with . . . or without you! Acts 5:38-39

  • Song “Everlasting God


Next Steps

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