“An Uncommon Obedience” Acts 10-11

"An Uncommon Obedience" Acts 10-11

Order of Worship

June 2, 2024


Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song “Might To Save”

  • Song “Your Glory / Nothing But The blood”

  • Song “Our Father”


Greetings and Announcements

Message: “An Uncommon Obedience” Acts 10-11
Discipleship Director: Cory Mandina


I. Setting the tone for a movement Acts 1:10-14


II. Cornelius shows his fervent devotion to God Acts 10:1-8

– Key description of faithfulness Acts 10:2-4


III. Prayer and obedience are where movements start

– Prayers connect us to all of it


IV. Peter shows his fervent devotion to God and responds Acts 10:9-21


V. Peter declares “The Way” of the Church Acts 10:25-29, 34-35


VI. God works with and through whom He chooses


VII. An unstoppable Gospel: “Here I am, Lord. Send me!” Acts 11:27-30


  • Song “My Jesus



Next Steps

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