“And The Award for Humility Goes To! . . .?”

“And The Award For Humility Goes To! . . .?”

Order of Worship

October 8, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song “Graves Into Gardens”

  • Song “Raise A Hallelujah”

  • Song “King Of Kings”


Greeting and Announcements

Sermon – Pastor Mike Halstead

“And The Award For Humility Goes To! . . .?”

Philippians 2:1-4

I. United With ________________ vs. 1

– Comfort from his love, fellowship with his spirit

– “if” or _____________

II. “Make my _________ complete” vs. 2

– Likeminded, the same love

– One in spirit and purpose   Romans 12:3-5

III. Nothing From Selfish Ambition Or Vain Conceit  vs. 3-4

The Big Question!!   So, What About:

Having a favorite team?    Having your kid go to state, doing your best,  working hard, taking pride in your labor! Looking “just right” on Facebook, keeping your kids in the latest fashions , hoping to get a raise, or a better house, a better car,   having a more talented kid,   getting more ”likes” shooting a bigger elk, getting a masters degree, looking in the mirror after you work out,   traveling the world, getting the best health care you can, wearing your hat that says you were a Marine in Vietnam, washing your car so it looks awesome!  Teaching your son to shake hands like a man, loving your iPhone 15, coloring your hair, parking as close to the front door as you can!   Dreaming of being an “influencer”


 IV.   Making Sense Of It All

Mark 10:35-45



  • Song “Fill This Place”

Next Steps

  • Do you need prayer? Make a request, and our staff and Pastors will pray for you.